Welcome to Pennsylvania Probate Leads

We spend our time gathering probate leads so that you can spend your time closing deals.

The probate real estate market provides real estate professionals with the opportunity to make significant profits by purchasing off market investment properties or gaining listings that other agents don’t even know exist.

Use our data to connect with the decision makers responsible for liquidating some of the best off market deals in Pennsylvania.

The Probate Real Estate Opportunity

An estimated $30 trillion in inheritances will pass through Probate courts over the next few years.

Pennsylvania Probate Leads collects the data that will allow you to take advantage of this opportunity.

About Us

Pennsylvania Probate Leads is a lead Philadelphia based lead generation company created to helps real estate professionals spend less time researching leads and more time growing their business and income.

We offer timely and accurate probate leads that connect real estate professionals to decision makers who are authorized to sell the property.

Since time is money, we believe that a minute of your time spent digging through county courthouse records is a minute wasted. Especially since we’ve done the work for you!